New Horizon Construction

Proud of our nearly 17 years’ industry experience, New Horizon Construction is making customers dreams come true in the greater Denver Colorado and Houston Texas areas. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We have received A+ ratings and badges from the BBB, Porch of Lowes and Home Advisor for high remarks.

We specialize in luxury custom homes, additions, kitchen remodels, and standout concrete. Our formula is simple give you the best quality.  Our experience, communication, availability, and top finishes are what stands us out from the rest. We strive for the best. We are not a company that brings empty promises rather a team that makes your dreams come to fruition. We take pride in our work. Take the time to   give us a call today and make your appointment. You will not regret it.


We can custom build new luxury homes to allow you to control the layout, add personal touches, and choose features that cater to your individual needs.

Your bathroom design reflects not only your personal taste and style, but also the requirements of your household.  Allow us to help you identify those needs.

A basement quickly adds a large amount of space to your home with costs drastically lower than those of moving.

With the weather as sporadic as it has been keeping a temperature controlled environment has never been more important for a family.

It is typically more affordable to build a building/home addition, rather than a new purchase. This also affords maximum combustibility, adds value, and may give tax incentives.

Whether you need a driveway, sidewalk, patio, or garage New Horizon Construction is prepared to meet your concrete needs. We will lay a foundation for a sturdy future.

Whether you need new drywall, repairs, patches, or replacement New Horizon has your walls covered.

Have a remodeling need not shown here or a complex remodel involving many components? We are more than up to the job.

Everyone wants a sharp, functional kitchen that is a source of comfort, efficiency, and pride. We would love to remodel or build your kitchen fitting your specifications.

Quality siding has many benefits, such as weather protection. It also can help save on the heating or cooling bill. Let us help you find the best siding for your building!

Many home additions require plumbing and hiring help separately can be a complex task. Fortunately, we can meet all your needs here.

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